Good Feeling

Warm feeling

Thank you to everyone that has read, liked and commented on my blog so far. I didn’t think that anyone would read it and knowing that people have is an amazing feeling. After only a few days of writing I am already looking forward to posting.

Today is a fairly painful day, English weather and fibromyalgia (FM for short) don’t mix very well together. One of my FM friends has described it as arthritis in the muscles. Seeing the likes and comments today has really touched me, I am very grateful to you all.

Yesterday I managed to go to work and stay there for 5 hours. That may not seem like a lot to some but at the moment that is for me. When I got home I was so warn out that all I could do was post on here. My job isn’t a physical one, I work in admin, but I will strive to look at yesterday as a productive one.  The Dali Lama teaches us that change is inevitable that it is neither good nor bad, it just is. But no matter what the change is we have the choice to act negatively and fight against it, leading to more negativity in our lives. Or we can accept that changes happens and embrace it and see where it takes us, leading to more positivity in our lives. This doesn’t mean always being happy, bad things happen to good and bad people, it means knowing that what ever is happening will change. As someone once said (an anonymous someone on the internet) ‘The bad news: nothing lasts forever. The good news: nothing lasts forever’. And sometimes something that seems like worst thing that could happen can lead to the most amazing things, be it days or years later. The best piece of thought advice I have been given was from my Aunt. When something goes wrong she tells herself ‘one day I will look back on this and laugh’. Keeping that in mind has helped me be kinder and more patient with myself, something that I think more of us should do.

As you may have noticed the Dalai Lama is playing a big part in my life. I have never met him and probably never will, but he has a lot of wisdom to impart. And the cheekiest and most infectious smile I have ever seen.

            dalai-smile                Dalai%20Lama%20Tibetan

I can’t help but look at his smile without smiling myself. And I find myself feeling oddly calm.

Keep smiling x


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