Do you want to build a snowman?

Yesterday was another iffy day for me and spent mainly in bed. After yesterdays entry I had to curl up in bed and tried to watch Disney’s ‘Up’, I managed to see the beginning and the end. By the evening I was feeling a bit restless and so decided  to push on with a crochet project that I started a few weeks ago.

This year I have been trying to make as many gifts as I can for the children in our lives. My fiancé and I are one of the last couples that we know without any children. Between our friends we have 11 children that we are ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’ to, with another one on the way. We are the fun Aunt and Uncle who always come bearing sweets and gifts, usually noisy and messy ones. All of our friends are looking forward to us having children of our own so they can shower our children with such love and affection.

So far this year I have crocheted two Olaf the snowman dolls. Both girls loved them. The last Olaf was made for my 3 year old Goddaughter. As soon as she got Olaf out of the wrapping paper she said ‘Olaf! Cute!’ She then gave his head a good squeeze and exclaimed ‘His head is so squishy!’ in every excited slightly demonic tones. I am now working on my third Olaf doll of the year. The Olaf pattern that I have used is not one of my own making. The credit for that goes to Chiwie, full and free instructions are available on her blog http://www.1dogwoof.com/2014/11/olaf-frozen-crochet-pattern.html

Olaf number 3 was started some weeks ago and has been left in my crochet bag ever since. I was reminded on Friday that this little guy needs to be ready for Thursday. I am still learning when it comes to crochet and I’m a bit slow when crocheting, so a deadline of just over a week seemed doable as long as I stay focused.

This is how he looked when I picked him up to work on yesterday. Pretty poor for something that I started weeks ago.


After I finished ‘watching’ ‘Up’ I picked up my needle and decided to…… well just get on with it. And I was pleasantly surprised with the progress I had made.


By the end of the day I had finished crocheting his head and top body ball, stuff them and get them ready for assembly. I was also half way through making his bottom body ball!

Today I tried to remain just as focused and I think I might get him finished tomorrow! All the others were finished the night before they were due to be given.

               WP_20150905_002      WP_20150905_001     WP_20150905_003

Not only have I made most of his body parts I have assembled them too. I love this bit when making toys, sewing them together and adding the final touches. Up until this point I don’t think the pieces look like much and don’t think they will ever be something that a child would want to play with. But when you come to this step the toy suddenly appears in front of you, and it’s even pretty close to the picture in the instructions!

I end today feeling quite pleased with myself and looking forward to putting the finishing touches on tomorrow.

Keep making x


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