When life gives you lemons……use them to clean the kichen

I still seem to be feeling the affects of yesterdays Beta-blocker, I’m so tired that even concentrating is tiring! Luckily writing my blog is the most taxing thing that I’ve had to do today. Unfortunately that mean that I didn’t make the bracelets I wanted to. I still have the instructions and everything I need to make them, they can wait until I’m more rested.

I did manage to make myself feel useful and do some cleaning. Nothing too heavy but enough so that I can see a difference. In the fridge we had a random half of a lemon, it was still good but I know we wont be using in anything before it dries out completely. I have seen a lot of things on Pintrest about using lemons for cleaning so I thought that today I would try it out.

I went over the kitchen sink with the lemon and left the juice on there for a bit. I when I can to rinse it off I was very pleasantly surprised, everything was nice and shiny and it just felt so much better to not be using harsh chemicals. Unfortunately the cupboards are all stocked up with chemical cleaners and I can justify throwing them away. But when I have whittled down my supplies I’m switching to lemons for most of my cleaning needs.

That half a lemon cleaned the kitchen sink and drainer, as well as the bathroom sink and bath and a few tiles. Imagine what I could do with a hole one! It has left both rooms smelly lemon fresh (big surprise) and I don’t have a headache! A win win all round.

And the lemon peel in the bin helps to combat nasty bin smells. Not a substitute for changing the bin on a regular basis, but a nicer smell when putting things in the bin 🙂


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