If you like Pina coladas

Wednesdays new was a massive shock and the initial stress and anger about it caused me a few pains with my FM. I spent the morning at home just relaxing and making a leaving card for my friend that I made the leaving cake for the other week. Today is her last day living in the city before she moves and we had all arranged to meat her for leaving drinks last night.

It was just a simple card that I made her and I got her a keyring, she’d being going on about not having one after she gives her ID for the office back. So nothing extravagant but she was touched that I remembered her keyring drama.

Everyone on our team turned up to celebrate her good luck and to forget our troubles. It was a really good night out, just what we all needed. We started at the local 2 for 1 cocktails place. I started of with a sex on the beach, a classic. That was closely followed by a Pina Colada, I’d never had one before and for some reason I’d had the song stuck in my head all day. I can confirm that I do like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in he rain. So much so that I had another 2 before we left for our dinner reservation. We went to a local Italian, it’s gone down hill since we were last there but we had a good laugh. We finished off back at the Cocktails place were I had two more Pina Coladas. No one ended up drunk, a bit tipsy maybe, and we were all on our way home by 11.


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