This house is to be enjoyed

The last couple of days I haven’t been feeling very motivated to do anything. I couldn’t be bothered to eat.

Today I woke up with some motivation today and decided the I do a little bit of decorating. We moved into our house nearly two years ago and are in the process of making the house our own.

This is a picture of the space behind our front door. Not long after we moved in we ask my father-in-law-to-be to put that shelf up so we could have somewhere to put the key bowl.

WP_20150911_003 WP_20150911_002

None of the walls or the floors in this house are even so he had to cut it to fit. As soon as it was up we just started using it but it was looking a bit tatty. So I decided todays the day to do something about it.

I’m sure that some of you will wince when I say that I used a bottle of the left over tester paint. It’s all I had and I don’t like waste.

WP_20150911_005I think it turned our very nicely. We were going to use that space for guests coats and shoes (ours are under the stairs) but when the front door is open it blocks this space. As our guests can’t see it the automatically put their coats on the pillar at the bottom of the banisters and their shoes under the stairs with ours. So I’ve used the area to store things that we use when we walk out the door, like shopping bags.

WP_20150912_002The carpet was fairly new when we moved in and as one of my friends said “It will hide a multitude of sins”. And while the wall paper isn’t to our tastes either it is still sticking to the walls, so it will be a while before we decorate the hall way properly. So I’ve put a bit of effort into making this part of it look nice.

WP_20150912_003On the left is a pair of old binoculars that we were given as part of a house clearance. I’ve placed some nice pics from a magazine on there and a cut out that says “This house is to be enjoyed”. Our key bowl is a key/sunglasses bowl. And on the end are the rules to Neverland that I made for my fiancés birthday. I sanded down a piece of wood that I found, I think it may have been part of a draw at one point, wrote the rules of Neverland on in Shape pen and used an old candle to seal it. He loves it and I am very happy with the finish the candle gave it.

Enjoy your homes x


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