Bubbles and random postcards

Over the past months I have been thinking about happiness. Something that as adults we spend a lot of time thinking about, what makes us happy, why aren’t we happy, how we can stay happy. But as children we didn’t think about it or worry over it, we just enjoyed it and were happy

I love the film ‘Knocked Up’ and in it there is a scene were Seth Rogen and Paul Rudds characters as watching kids play with bubbles. They were amazed, and envious, of how children could enjoy something so simple. I have seen the same joy in the faces of all the children I know, when they see a book with a cat in it, some chalk, or the prospect of bubbles. Seeing the joy that children can feel from these simple acts I thought I’d see if it works for adults. It dose. Acting like a child feeds your inner child and allows your adult brain to take a brake. There has been an influx of colouring books for adults to help us remember the fun. I have a few of them and I do enjoy colouring. I have found that as an adult it can also be a bit frustrating as I try and make patterns and make the picture make logical sense, things that don’t seem to bother young children. I know choose a coloured pencil without looking at them and just using the first one that come to hand. This learning to let go in colouring is slowly helping me let go of small things in my life to make it more enjoyable. I am now never very far away from a bottle of bubbles, I even keep some in my handbag. I love the colours of the bubbles and get lost in looking at them. Blowing the best bubbles requires a long, slow and steady out breath. This breathing pattern is used in yoga, this way of breathing helps to calm the body and mind. The last childish act that I have tried is drawing with chalk on my steps and paths. I’m sure people think I’m crazy but after drawing I’m too happy to care.

When I was thinking about what makes me happy I realised that getting things in the post makes me happy, nice post not bills and junk mail, the best post to get is postcards! The last one I’d gotten was 4 years ago when my finance was in Australia. Then I thought that if getting a post card makes me happy then it would make other people happy, so I started sending random post cards. They are post cards I send to friends for no other reason then to make them happy. I send them post cards with nice or funning sayings on them. The first one the said smile on the front and I wrote ‘because it’s a random postcard’. After sending the cards I felt very happy for days. I received thank you messages from my friends. Since then I have sent many postcards and find that it makes me a happier more generous person. Random post cards are starting to take off in my friendship circle and I have started to receive nice things in the post from them. One friend sent me a card that she knew would make me smile and another hand made me a post card with an inspiring message on because she knew that I’d been having a rough time.

In conclusion to find happiness we must nurture and embrace our inner child. Do things for others just to make them happy. Show your friends and love ones that are special to you by doing something special and unexpected for them.

I wish you much happiness and random postcards x


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