Bunting and baking

After a very productive morning at work I came home to some parcels for my hubby, nothing out of the ordinary there. On a Thursday he goes to the gym after work and isn’t home until late and again it’s not unusual for him to ask if any post came for him. What is unusual is him asking me to open them, this is what was inside.


As I’m sure you know by now I’m a Mary Berry baker, and I didn’t have this book of hers. I think he’s been looking into my ebay searches. The other book ‘What would Mary Berry Do?’ is a book that I bought for the Kindle. It’s a an amusing and easy to read book. It’s about a women that can’t bake but with the help of ‘Mary Berrys baking Bible’ she decides to give it a try. My hubby knows that I like to read in the bath (who doesn’t) but it’s not a safe place to take a Kindle. After I’ve written this it’s off to the bath with a glass of wine for me.

As I said my fella is at the gym till late so I had some time to my self, so I decided to get on and make the bunting for a little girl. She becomes a big sister again in November, her dad recently had a baby with his new wife and her mum is pregnant (duh) with her boyfriends baby. She lives with her mum and visits her dad often but things have been tough on her, she’s only 10 and has had to grow up so fast. The daisy blanket I made is for her little sister to be and this bunting is something just for her.

I am still using up my stash of wool I have. She is moving into a new room soon and I don’t know what the colours it will decorated in but I know she is a big Frozen fan so I thought I’d use some Frozen blues (the may not look like it in the picture but they are).


I am making the bunting out of granny triangles (like granny squares but missing a corner). WP_20150924_003

This is what there is so far. I m going to make another 3 in the third colour tomorrow. The plan is to put some shell edging in white and crochet them together with white as well.

Happy crocheting x


6 thoughts on “Bunting and baking

    1. I am glad that you like them. I am still working on them. I lost the crochet groove for a bit but you positive feedback has inspired me to pick my needles up again, and finish the project with time to spare (other projects have been finished at 1 in the morning after being left to the last minuet).
      Thank you for helping me get my groove back on track.

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      1. I’m so glad I was able to help! It’s so easy to lose your spirit in the middle of a project, but sometimes all you need is a little nudge to get back on track 😊 keep up the crocheting!

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