In the beggining

It’s been 13 days since my last post, I had started this blog with the intention to write every day. During my time blogging (as long as it is :p) I have noticed that most bloggers only update once a week, some only once a month, and I can see why. I will still try and write everyday tough.

When I started writing this blog I wanted to keep it anonyms, and so far have done. I didn’t want my friends to find it and read it, not that they would be mean or that they would judge me, my friends have been nothing but supportive about anything I’ve done but I just wanted to have this just for me. Since starting this blog I have realised that I have never Googled my friends so why would they ever Google me. After that stunning revelation, and I’m finding it a pain in the butt, I think it’s time to introduce myself properly.

Hello, my name is Rachel. I live with my Fiancé Glen. We have been together for 6 years, living together for 2 years and engaged for a year. The wedding is another year away. Currently it is just Glen and I living in our house, there are plans for pets and hopefully babies in the future. We both lived with our parents until we got our own place. Two years in and I think we are finally past the teething problems of learning to live with each other, from now in it’s just problems we have. And I think we have finally unpacked all our boxes, emptying them on the floor in a spare room counts right?

I have a varied range of interests that I flit between. Yoga, mindfulness, crochet, baking, card making, sewing, reading and cooking to name a few. I live with depression and fibromyalgia but I try and stay positive, some days are easier then others. Glen is a self proclaimed Peter Pan and I love that about him. He is a massive comic book fan, he loves both Marvel and D.C but like me prefers Marvel. He loves Lego in all it’s forms, I love Legoland and the look on his face when he plays with Lego. He is infatuated with Dr. Who, sometimes I think that he thinks he is he Dr. but I enjoy watching the show with him. He is a huge fan of Southampton F.C, football isn’t on my list of interests but when he watches it I have the rest of the house to myself, I normally use that time to bake. And when he goes to a game I get the house to myself and he tends to bring home dinner. I have been to a game with him and he has said that I am never allowed to go to a game with him again, the guy sat behind us was shouting abuse at his team and I loudly rebutted each thing he said, I was nearly the cause of a football fight. He is also a Ruby fan, that I can sit and watch with him and when I went with him to a game there was no abuse being shouted and no (near) fights. In return for me going to a football game Glen came to see the Nutcracker ballet with me, he didn’t hate it but he has no wish to go to another ballet (it’s ok I have other people to go with).

Since being together Glen has shared his interested in seeing live comedians, I had never been to see a comedian before but now I have seen and enjoyed quite a few big named comedians. I have shared my interest of the theatre and musicals with Glen. Before me had only seen Oliver live, now he has seen Wicked, Avenue Q and the Lion King live. Through trips to the theatre we discovered our joint love of Shakespeare, which led to a very nice visit to London with a tour of the Globe.

So that is me/us in a nutshell. I hope I haven’t bored anyone to death and you can be assured that semi normal blogging will continue after this post. Going forward I think my post will be a little less me and a little more us.

Now you’ve read about us here we are in full Technicolor (we took part in a rainbow run lately for Naomi House and Jack corner in Southampton)


I hope you enjoyed reading this. I look forward to getting to know you other bloggers out there.

Happy writing x


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