In last months pay I had a lovely bonus, with the threat and stress of redundancy still looming I decided to enjoy my bonus and spent it all! No point in stressing about what might be, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow. We might as well enjoy what we’ve got while we have it. And I’ll be due some redundancy money.

I started with buying some Lego for Glen. He’s been so patient with me and buys me surprise gifts all the time, and when we can’t afford to go out he can always play with his Lego. This is just one of the boxes he got, along with a few characters from his existing collection. He also got 2 more boxes of Lego.


Then it was time to treat myself, first stop Lakeland!!! After watching the Bake Off for so long I’ve been longing for a set of tins to make a rainbow cake. Whilst I do own plenty of tins I just couldn’t resist. I bought plenty of other things there too but this is the one that I have been able to try out. At the weekend Glen’s grandmother came round for tea. I like to get my bake on when we have guests anyway but as her birthday is soon I thought it the perfect time to try out the new tins. It was so easy and it looks amazing, if I do say so myself. I used Mary Berrys Vitoria Sponge recipe, split it between 5 bowls and put different amounts of food colour in each. I had planned on making a rainbow cake but forgot to check what food colouring I had, but I think the blue has worked out well.

WP_20151009_001 WP_20151009_002 WP_20151009_003 WP_20151009_004 WP_20151010_002

I used warm Marmalade to get the sponges to stick together. I had intended to pipe butter cream on the outside to hide the blue until the cake was cut. As you can see it didn’t quite work out that way. So I smushed the icing down with a pallet knife and covered it in chocolate, I have yet to come across any problem that chocolate can’t fix. I was hoping for ‘owws’ and ‘ahhs’ when the cake was cut but instead I got the wrinkled faces of ‘it’s blue!’. After having tried the cake I got lots of surprised good feed back. They have all seen the Bake Off and have had my cakes before so I was a little miffed with the ‘surprise’ when given feedback, but it was good feedback so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

The rest of the money was spent on booking a holiday in Cornwall next year and a spending spree in Portsmouth.

Happy baking/spending/or Legoing what ever you decide to do x


One thought on “Showstopper!!

  1. hello! just came across your blog – I just wanted to say that I would have definately oohed and aahhd at that cake – it looks fantastic! ( and now I really could eat some cake!)
    Susan x


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