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Cake and bunting

I think I’ve finally finished the bunting. I’m in two minds about the ‘string’, it’s from casting on and off for the edging. I know that it means that it’s not finished but I think when it’s up it gives it a more snowy/icy feel. If anyone has any thoughts about it please comment.


When I went to Lakeland on my shopping spree I got a Swiss Roll tin and I’ve been itching to try it out. Earlier on today we got an invite for dinner with Glens parents, just the excuse I needed. I used Mary Berrys recipe (surprise!). 4 large eggs, 4oz (100g) of caster sugar and 4oz (100g) and some jam for the filling. Simple. Whisk the eggs and sugar together until light in colour and fluffy. Gently sift in flour while folding it in. Put in tin and bake for 10 mins at gas mark 7. The sponge should be golden in colour and coming away from the sides of the tin. The ‘tin’ that I bought is made out of silicon so there is no need to take the sponge out of the tin to roll it. It also means that the crust is on the inside and it’s not coated in sugar the way that Mary suggests. No crust isn’t a problem and after tasting the sponge the coating of sugar wont be missed. It taste like the sponge fingers that you put in the bottom of a trifle, and as those fingers are the mane reason I make trifle I’m happy with it. This is the first time I have made a Swiss Roll and I ran into a few problems. As you can see in the picture being silicon my tin has warped when I haven’t kept it in a flat position, it didn’t cause as many poblems as I thought it would but I will be keeping it flat with a wieight on it from now on. I think my scoring for the sponge to roll was a bit erratic and is why it isn’t round in shape. I may also have made them too deep, while they didn’t go all the way through the sponge most of the jam filled them up, it took twice the amount of jam that Mary uses (4 table spoons). And near the end of rolling I got a bit cocky and the sponge cracked a bit. But it tastes good so I’m happy. I’ll never make it on the Bake Off, not only do I get quite panicked about timing when I cook (Glen and I have both joked that when Paul and Mary come around the tent to see what people are doing they’d be met with ‘keep moving, I’m busy!!!’. That was the polite version). But I also think as long as it tastes good it doesn’t matter what it looks like.

WP_20151017_001WP_20151017_002 WP_20151017_003 WP_20151017_004

If presenting this to Paul and Mary at the Gingham Alter there horrified faces would just be met with ‘it’s cooked, it tastes good and it won’t kill you. What more do you want!?’ Well that’s what I’d be like in my head, in reality I’d be in floods of tears.

Thank you for reading x


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