Fibromyalgia · Personal Log

Blood tests and Church

Yesterday was an odd feeling day. I had a horrible lingering headache, I think the slight change in medication had something to do with it. I did manage to make a good start on sorting out something’s in the house. Just moving things around and clearing some of the clutter. I’ve always found sorting through things to be quite calming and everything I’ve read says that getting rid of clutter improves mood, and I can confirm that it dose. Usually Glen is out till late on a Tuesday but yesterday he had to come home early. I do like my time alone in he house and I had my evening planned out but I was very glad to see him, by the end of the day I just needed some cuddles (usually I’m already asleep when he comes home from the gym).

Today I had to get up and out for a blood test and as my doctors surgery is in town I also got  few errands done. Down the road from my house is a Spiritualist church and Glens family go there. This morning they were holding a coffee morning so I popped in for a chat. During the coffee morning they offer healing for anyone that wants it. It’s a bit like Reiki, they work with/on your energies to help you to feel better. I find it to be helpful and very relaxing, if any of you have a spiritualist church near you that offers healing I would recommend it. Religion doesn’t come into it, they are just kind people that want to help. After a busy morning I made a Banana cake for Glen and made some more progress with sorting the house out.

The last Wednesday of the month is the quiz night at the local social club. Usually Glen and I go, along with his parents, but today I’m just too tired. Glen has still gone, so I’m off for an early night with the bed all to myself.

Thank you for reading x


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