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Sometimes you have to keep hold of things until they are right for you so you can truely understand what you need from them

I’ve had a bit more energy today and feel like I got a lot done. When I came down stairs this morning I found some flowers that Glen had got for me. It was a very nice way to start the day.

I decided to start reading a book that I started earlier on this year. It’s called ‘The Healing Code’ and was recommended to me by a friend that had seen it work wonders in her niece with Chronic Fatigue (ME). When I started to read the book I knew that it would help me, even if I only learn one life tip, but I had trouble reading it. After going to the church yesterday I had the urge to pick this book up again and I’m getting on with it a lot better this time. So far the book has explained that everything is made of energy (as stated by Albert Einstein) and that the route cause of all illness and disease is stress. Because when we are stressed our body redirects our energy into our fight and flight response and this causes other systems in the body to be put on hold. When this happens as it’s suppose to and there is an emediate threat to be dealt with the body can cope. But when we are in ‘fight and flight’ for a long time, as many of us are now, our body starts to suffer and we become ill. We all know that if we cut down on stress and learn to relax that we will be better in ourselves, what we don’t realise is that there is a lot of stresses that we don’t concisely know that we are suffering with, having stress doesn’t mean that you are frazzled and at breaking point. And it is easier said than done. Just like we all know that eating right is good for us it can be hard and we need help and that is why there are books on the subject and when it boils down to it they all say the same thing. But they all put it in a different way and that change in voice can help the penny drop. I have read quite a few ‘self-help’ books and while I have not found the balance in my life that I am looking for in each book I have taken away at least one tip that has helped me.

As well as picking up a book that I started ages ago I also finished a craft project that I started a year ago. Our house can get a bit draughty so I made some simple draught stopper things (I’m sure I’ll remember what they are called at 2 am or something silly). I made two for the front room and started making one for the kitchen. The one in the kitchen I wanted to attach to the door with Velcro. For the last year the Velcro has been attached to the door but the Velcro on the draught thing has been held on with pins. Today I finally finished sewing the Velcro on!! I currently have no half finished projects on the go!!!!

The draught things are very simple. A quarter of a meter of material sown right sides together along two sides. Turn the material right side out and fill with toy stuffing. Close the remaining hole and you are done. Simple.

Thank you for reading x


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