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Can you tell what it is yet?

As you may know tomorrow is Halloween, as you may not know I was running low on baking supplies. So this today it was off to the shops to get the supplies that  will need for tomorrow. If any one can figure out what I am making from this photo I will give you a virtual hug (sorry I have nothing else to offer). The only ingredients I didn’t have to buy were eggs, sugar and baking powder.


Happy guessing x

Apart from going into town today has been a bit of a lazy day, well for me. Glen booked yesterday and today off work to work on the garden. He has been a very busy bee and the garden is looking ready for winter to come. Not long after I came home Glen called it a day and we watched last weeks Doctor Who. He is a very big Dr Who fan, I have enjoyed the Dr Who revival but Glen loves it. If he didn’t have to reset the phone I swear he would unplug it so he can watch it undisturbed. Unfortunately the new season each episode is a two parter so he has been watching it ever other week.

Tonight we are going out to a lovley little pub in one of the local villages to say good bye to his Uncle who is emarating to Australia. I am under orders to get ready very quickly so we can watch the next part of the episode I before we go out.

I started learning how to Crochet in 2012. I was learning from a magazine and it was a long and frustrating road. By October 2013 I felt that I have got to grip with the basics and could happily make Glen a scarf for Christmas. We were still living at home with our parents so I thought I’d have plenty of time to make it for him. And what scarf would make a Dr Who fan the happiest fan in the world…but a 6 foot Tom Baker scarf. We got the keys to our house in November of 2013, I had to hide the half completed scarf when I was at home and work quickly on gym nights and take it to work to work on in my lunch brake. I did get quite a good length of it done but come Christmas Glen had a half done scarf wrapped around the ball of wall that I was using. This scarf was my first crochet project and the only stiches I knew were single and double and I had no idea how to anchor the wool properly for ach colour change (and there were quite a few). He did appreciate the effort that I had gone to but has never worn it, and with my colour change technique it’s probably for the best, and being made with double stitch it is very stiff. The next step is for me to make a Dr Who box for him so he can keep his scarf, sonic screwdrivers, bow tie and Dr. name badge together.

The orininal scarf for the TV show was knitted but I only know how to crochet. After much internet surching I found a pattern that someone had translated from knitting to crochet. Unfortunaltly I don’t have the site name anymore (I’m never making a scarf like that again) but if you want to give it a try too I can promise you that the pattern is out there and you will find it if you look.

And here it is as a work in progress.


Thank you for reading x


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