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Happy Halloween!

I hope yesterday was filled with treats and not tricks. As you saw from Fridays post I had some baking lined up. Everything seemed to be taking longer than it should. I felt rushed off my feet, by the time I had got my baking done and Glen and I had decorated the front of the house I was ready for bed not answering the door to strange kids. Some of the kids were really cute so it was worth it in the end.

I’m sure you’ve all been racking your brains to figure out what I was going to make…..and here it is!


I made this cake at Glens request and he helped with the design. When I was first planning the bake I was planning on making a Victoria sponge, I don’t know why, as soon as I picked up ‘The Backing Bible’ a voice in my head said ‘no, I think we should make a Madira cake’. I already knew that a Madira cake is firmer and would make a batter base for the pumpkin and have made them before for similar projects, so why a Victoria Sponge was my plan to begin with I couldn’t say. Moving on. As you can see I made a pumpkin. The skin is piped on orange butter cream, this is the first time that I have needed to pipe straight and up but I got the hang of it in the end. The eyes mouth and nose are Oreo cookies cut to size and shape (next time I think I will use Jaffa cakes). And the vine is made from the apple chewits. I will post the recipe and photos tomorrow.

I also made some chocolate brownies to give to our next door neighbours, with some simple icing sugar decoration. (again recipe to follow tomorrow)


And to finish here is what we did to the house. The Pumpkin was Glens idea and creation, a was putting glow stick juice into a jar in the pumpkin instead of using a candle.

WP_20151031_019 WP_20151031_022 WP_20151031_021 WP_20151031_025

Thank you for reading x


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