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Fianlly back behind the keyboard.

I’ve been so tired the last few days that keeping a straight thought in my head has been hard enough, never mind trying to write them down. Unfortunately being unbelievably tired is one of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. As much as I love my sleep it gets in the way of being able to do…well…anything. Having any sort of life outside of the house is a challenge. Glen is very worried that I am depressed but I think it’s normal to be a bit depressed in my situation. I’m still young, I’m I pain a lot, my muscles get so stiff that I walk like an old lady, when I am awake and capable of seeing friends I’m too tired to have a proper conversation. If I do see my friends and their kids and I’m not too tired I suffer for having fun the next day. Glen really worries if I try and spend a few days on bed or the house but those days are bound to happen and I’m not going to let them worry me (yes Glen I know that you read my blog and we have had this conversation). Please don’t feel sorry for me it’s understanding not pity that I want, my life is by no means over it’s just different now. And the FM may just go away as quickly and mysteriously as it came.

Today I’m not as tired and so thought I’d try and write a semi coherent blog. And for anyone that is wondering I not only made it out of bed today but I also made it to the local shop.

The Madeira cake for the Halloween pumpkin was one for Mary Berrys. You will need 6oz (175g) butter, 8oz (225g) self-raising flour, 2oz (50g) ground almonds, 3 large eggs and the zest of one lemon. As I was going to make a Victoria sponge I didn’t check my ground almond levels and only had just over an ounce so I made the weight up with semolina, I was worried that it wouldn’t work but it didn’t affect the flavour and helped to keep the texture. I also didn’t have any lemons in the house so I had to skip them completely, Glen isn’t very fond of lemon so it was for the best and still taste very nice. Once you have mixed all the ingredients that you have in the house, bake for an hour to an hour and 15 mins at gas mark 4. After the cake has cooled it is just a case of decorating. I made some orange butter cream and a small amount of chocolate butter cream, I used green chewits for the vine and Oreos for the eyes, nose and mouth. I smeared the chocolate butter cream on a cake board (one that I had already covered in cling film) to look like mud. While I was doing that Glen cut the cake ready to put on the board. Then it was a case of piping the orange butter cream on and arranging the cut up Oreos. And then to warm up the Chewits so I could roll them into a vine, I had hoped to get apple laces for the vines but Tesco didn’t have any.

WP_20151031_014 WP_20151031_017 WP_20151031_018 WP_20151031_029

I did have everything that I needed for the chocolate brownie. Mary Berry again and one that I’ve made before but it didn’t quite taste right. Neither Glen or I could put our finger on it, it was nice enough but not up to my usual standard. Anyway if you would like to try your hand at making them you will need 10oz (275g) butter, 13oz (375g) caster sugar, 4 large eggs, 3oz (75g) cocoa powder, 4oz (100g) self-raising flour and 4oz (100g) of chocolate chips. Mix together and bake for 40 to 45 mins at gas mark 4. To get the spider pattern I sifted icing sugar over a stencil on the cake, the same as putting a pattern on top of a cappuccino. So simple but very effective.


Now that Halloween is out of the way I can turn my hand to getting ready for Christmas. My first project is to make 6 small handbags for 6 small girls. I am making them out of granny squares, one square for each side and a simple strap. But more of that, with pics, tomorrow.

Thank you for reading x


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