Fibromyalgia · Personal Log

Get up and go!………………..back to bed

This afternoon was lovely and rainy outside. I was up long enough to have some breakfast this morning before I had to go back to bed, so I can’t tell you what the morning weather was like. I’m not sure that I’ll ever get used to waking up after a good nights sleep and being absolutely shattered. After a morning of not doing much I had lunch and then set about busying myself in the kitchen. Wanting to stay calm and relaxed I opted for some classical music as my soundtrack. The kitchen quickly became a bit stuffy and I had to open the window. The sound of the rain mixing with the music was sublime and the smell of the rain as amazing, so crisp and clean. The rest of my day was spent pottering around the house, tidying things up. It’s amazing how just organising things and clutter can make such a difference to the way a room feels.

And now it’s time to go back to bed.

Thank you for reading. Good night x


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