Personal Log

Oh dear

As we left things last week both of Glens were in hospital, unfortunately this is still the case.

His mums surgery went fine and they had expected her to be home on Monday. As you can imagine she was very worried about her husband and this seems to have hampered her recovery. The pain from the surgery mixed with the worry has stopped her from eating and drinking properly, she is due some more tests today and as long as they are ok she might be home tonight.

On Sunday Glens dad was moved from the local hospital to one close by that has a better neurological department. He is responding well to the antibiotics and is getting better everyday but they still don’t know what’s wrong. They don’t know if he’s had small stokes and in that case they don’t know what the mass at in his brain is or the strokes could have let the encephalitis (a form of meningitis) in. It could just be that he has encephalitis that has caused an abbess to form in the brain and cause all of his symptoms, in which case they need to find out if it’s viral or bacterial in order to find the right treatment. They are fairly sure that he will be in that hospital for the rest of the week at least.

Glen is trying to hold it together while running between two hospitals now, worrying about his parents and worrying about me. Glen can’t drive so over the past week we have borrowed my mums car (we don’t own one) and I have been doing lots of driving about, that and the worry about Glen and his parents, has left me very run down and with my FM that has made me quite ill too. But considering how his parents are I’m not doing too badly.

Thank you for reading x


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