These things that I have made

Over the past two weeks I have managed to get some crochet done! I have made a carrier bad holder for our house and a scarf for a friend, the scarf was due to be given to my friend Saturday just gone but with all the hospital happenings we have had to postpone the gift giving.

The carrier bag holder

We have an abundance of carrier bags in our house, even though we have always gone shopping with our own bags. I have noticed that with the shops having to charge for bags shops have been better at asking if you want a bag or not, even now some till people still give you a funny look when you say that you don’t need a bag you bought your own. So I decided enough is enough, we need a designated place to keep our used carrier bags and if they don’t fit in that place then they have to go into recycling. No if, buts or coconuts. So I got straight onto Pintrest to inspire me/prove me with a  pattern, and this is where that search lead me

I am fairly sure that the pattern has been written with American abbreviations and biased on that assumption (and looking at the pictures) I made mine using treble crochet.  My knowledge of wool and yarn runs to chunky and not chunky, soft to the touch and not so soft. So I used some not chunky not so soft to the touch wool that I had left over from the Doctor Who scarf.

And here it is….

I was taking a short brake from making gifts for Christmas to make this so for quickness I stuck to using one colour but next time I make one I will use more than one colour to jazz it up a bit.

Scarf or Cowl

I was on Pintrest (again) looking for a quick to make gift for my friend for her birthday and I came across this site

Again this looks like an American pattern so I have made mine using treble crochet. The pattern given was made using a 12mm hook but the largest one that I have is a 10mm so I increased the number of suggested stiches from 45-55 to 65 and this has given me a nice length. For the scarf I used soft chunky wool in an off white colour. I still need to put the finishing touches on and turn it from a scarf to a cowl but I think it will look good when done and I might even make one for myself.

I don’t know why the first picture is coming up as up side down, it’s not like that on my phone and PC, and I don’t know how to fix it. So sorry for the neck ache.

Thank you for reading. Happy crocheting x


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