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Happy new year!

FB_20160105_12_07_57_Saved_PictureHappy new year to you all. I hope that you have had a wonderful festive time.

I’m not normally one for making New Years revolutions, I am a big believer in making changes as and when it is needed, but this year the coming of the new year has made me feel compelled to make a few. So here goes 1) Loose weight, after the last of the Christmas chocolate has been eaten.  2) Update my blog at least once a week. My ambition is still to try and post once a day. As you can see posting everyday hasn’t happened, posing one a week hasn’t happened either. So my theory is now start small and you can build on it. 3) To use up all the wool I have in the house before I buy any more. Get ready for some odd colour combinations. 4) To be more positive and mindful in every day life. 5) Get some fresh air every day. Over the festive season both Glen and I have festered inside a lot, somedays we did even unlock the front door never mind open it. And last year there were quite a few days that I didn’t venture outside the house, due to a number of things, but this year I will make an effort to get out of the house even if that is a small trip to the end of the garden and back.

I promise the next post will be less ‘me’ centric and will actually include some crochet. I know that I have promised this before and it has yet to happen, in the run up to and after Christmas I have made 4 crochet projects and I am half way through a 5th. They will be coming very soon.

Thank you for reading. Happy new year to you all x


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