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And finally some crochet!

Way back in November I briefly mention that I was making some bags for the girls that I know for Christmas presents. I had six to make and I can confirm that they were all finished in time.


As you can see I used a basic Granny Square design, consisting of 5 rows of grey and 3 rows of colour. I had to make three bags for one household, two for another and one for the last, to keep making simple I used three colours and made two bags in each colour. None of the girls that I know are really girly girls, so I chose blue, green and purple (this may not be that clear in the photo). So easy peasy to make. Two granny squares sown together on three sides.

I used a 4mm needle to make the body of the bag but swapped for a 6mm to make the strap. To make the strap I chained 120 straight from one side of the bag to the other. To make the strap I used both the grey and the coloured yarn at the same time to double them up and create a nice pattern. We (Glen and I) then preceded to fill the bags with very sugary sweets before we wrapped them up.

Little S opened her bag as soon as she was given her gift and she loved it. For the first few minuets she ignored all the sweets in the bag and wore the bag around the front room. She’s only 3 and I was very happy to see how happy she was with something so simple and plain as the bag. When she discovered the sweets I was even happier that we were just about to leave for the day.

Little L, M and W had to wait till Christmas day to open their presents but I am told that the bags went down very well. Little W is 1 1/2 and has had a thing about handbags for a while. She will empty out an untended handbag, very carefully, and then walk around the house with the handbag on. Little M is 6 and was given a blue bag, she was very happy to get something that wasn’t pink. Little L is also 6 (Little Ms twin) she loved the bag so much that she went to sleep with it on! K (her mum) has to take it off of her before bed so she doesn’t strangle herself in her sleep.

Little L and H also liked their bags, but no amusing storied have come from that.

I made the majority of the bags when I was staying with my mother in law, this lead to two more bags being made that people who saw m making them asked for.

As you have seen Glen’s mum has been in and out of hospital a bit this year. You may not know that she is a smoker and has some trouble with her balance. So she asked me if I could make her a bag too, as her dressing gown has no pockets and that makes it harder for her to carry her things around the hospital. So I made her one up and she started using it straight away, I don’t agree with her smoking but it was nice to be asked to make something and it made it a lot easier for her to carry her mediation up and down stairs. I showed her he colours that I had with me and she asked for purple on ne side and blue on the other. This is what gave me the idea to use two yarn colours to make the strap for all the bags.

WP_20151124_003The day that I finished the bag for my mother in law she was being visited by a nurse. This nurse saw the bag and thought it was a marvellous idea and that she had even been on the look out for a bag like that. One of the other ladies that she visits needed a new bag for her syringe driver and the nurse had told her that she’s keep an eye out. I was very flattered when she said that she liked the bag and couldn’t believe it when she asked if there was any chance of me making one for her lady. She told me how big it would need to be and I got straight on it. To fit the syringe driver this bag would need to be made in a rectangle not a square, it’s not something that I have done before but a quick trip to Pintrest soon helped with that.

The nurse was very happy with the bag and as far as I am aware so too was her old lady.


That is all for today, tomorrow is my first day back at work in nearly 3 months so I have to make sure that everything is ready an get an early night. With all that time off work and the run up to Christmas there are lots more crochet posts to come.

Thank you for reading. Happy crocheting x



I am a new mum to a little girl, wife to my husband Glen and owner to Stitch the angora rabbit. We all live in the South West of England’s. We share our house with my depression, fibromyalgia and his comics and Lego. I enjoy making things and have learnt how to crochet, baking, sowing, simple cake decorating, card making and a bit of decorating.

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