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Baby fat

Well dear readers I can report that I have completed two days of work in a row and nothing bad has happened. I was quite nervous about going back to work after so long but I got back into the swing of things pretty quickly. I’ve been trying to keep some sort of routine while I’ve been off work but it takes a lot of discipline and it is very easy to let it slip. Being back at work defiantly helps with keeping a routine. We still have a lot of Christmas chocolate left in the house and being at work means I can only eat what I take in with me, so hopefully it will help with loosing weight. So far I have finished work with some energy left in me and have had some aches but no pains, hopefully this means that being back at work agrees with me.

Enough about me, now onto some crochet!

As I have mentioned in the past Glen is a big Doctor Who fan and with the extra time I have had on my hands I thought I’d crochet him something from Dr. Who for Christmas. After much searching on Pintrest I settled on an Adipose alien. These little guys featured in Season 4 episode 1. These little guys are made from the fat cells of people that have taken the Adipose diet pill.


Never before has fat been quite so cute.

I used the pattern found on Ravelery via Pintrest

It took a few afternoons solid work and I went down the route of embroidering the eyes and mouth on.

And here he is….


Glen seems to be very happy with him and he has given him pride of place in the sofa.

Thank you for reading. Happy crocheting x


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