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Cronically Mindfull

I think I may have hit post too soon yesterday, not about the crochet project but about how I was feeling after work. It wasn’t until after I had finished writing that I noticed how difficult it was for me to write. And soon after finishing the post I got the shakes.

When the shakes started I went into auto pilot and started fighting it, which I have learnt is one of the worst things to do. So I took a deep calming breath, some pain killers and just felt what was going on.

I was first told about mindfulness by my local mental health team. They recommended it to help with my depression and anxiety. Mindfulness is about being aware of what is going on, in your life, around you and inside you, be it good or bad. When treating depression it helps you to be aware of how you are feeling , be truly in touch with what is going on and it helps to slow things down.

Since developing FM I have tried to apply these techniques to the physical discomfort, as well as the mental. I have found it very useful with dealing with the pain flares. So when I get a pain flare I ‘sit with it’. I take a deep breath and give what’s going on my full attention. I notice what sort of pain it is, where it is and if it’s moving. I notice that it may hurt but it isn’t going to kill me, that it will pass and I will feel better. I have found it is easier to do this with physical pain over mental pain but this practice has helped with both.

I would highly recommend mindfulness as a practice for anyone, but especially those who are ill and/or having difficulties. In this hectic world that we live in we could all do with slowing down and noticing what is going on around us.

I would also like to report that after a nights sleep I was ok to go to work today. I started and finished the day with some aches and pains I made it through. To many going to work for 3 days in a row won’t be something to shout about but for me it’s not the easiest of things to do at the moment. I’m not asking for a gold star, well not till I’ve managed the full 5 days, I’m just giving myself a pat on the back. All victories are victories no matter how small and should be recognised.

Thank you for reading. I promise more crochet in the next post x


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