Personal Log

Yes, that is a Batman bauble on my tree

I didn’t manage to make 5 days at work last week, Friday  I was very ill. I spent all day in bed asleep, if Glen hadn’t have been home (he’s had a bad back since new years eve) I wouldn’t have eaten or drank all day. But I’m all better now and I’m going to try for 5 days this coming week. So no gold star for me just yet but I thought I’d share some stars with you.

Each year for Christmas Glens great aunt gets us a little something for Christmas and she may be the hardest person in the world to by for. She is a vegetarian and doesn’t drink and Glens great Uncle is a meat loving diabetic. So no chocolate and wine there then. So off to Pintrest I went to find something nice, Christmassy and quick to make (we may have remembered about his aunt and uncle a bit late in the day). And this is what I came up with.


The stars, not my awesome pj bottoms. I was going to give them 3 individual star ornaments for the tree. But I was enjoying making them so much that I made 3 stars in each colour and made them into some bunting. Again in the frozen colours, I’m using my stash up, but looking back it would also be nice colours for a seaside theme….room?


I didn’t figure out how to make the stars by myself, on my inspiration tour of Pintrest I found a set of very easy to follow instructions

I think this coming year I might make some stars up for my house too, I may even experiment with some new colours. I made a very feeble attempt to block the stars before I wrapped them, it took some of the curl out and that’s why they look a bit more like starfishes than stars. Now I’ve got the basic stitches sorted and can read patterns my next crochet hurdle is learning to block my projects properly.

That is it for today but don’t worry there are two more ‘what I made for Christmas’ projects to come, along with another project that I have made since Christmas. I may even tell you about the Batman bauble someday too.

Thank you for reading. Happy crocheting x


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