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The Evolution of cars

Last week didn’t turn out quite as planned. After having a flare of my fibromyalgia last Tuesday and Wednesday scuppering my going to work for 5 days I then got food poisoning. I shall spare  you the details but it meant that last week was a complete right off, I don’t even remember a lot of last week. So this week is my third attempt at completing a 5 day week at work, so far day one has gone ok.

So moving swiftly on from my ill health to the penultimate Christmas crochet make.

As you know for all the little girls we know I made them crochet hand bags so for the little boy that we know I thought I’d make a set of cars. I did think about making him a bag and at only two I think he would have liked it and it would have wound his dad up a treat, but then I saw the pattern for these bad boys and thought I’d give them ago.

This is were I found them

It took some practice to get them right and on the first one I ran out of that specific colour of wool.



This is what I love about crocheting toys, until that final touch is put in place they look nothing like what you meant them to. But as soon as that final bit is done they magically turn into what you hopped. Some tiny black wheels make all the difference between some odd looking hover cars or wing less planes to something that resembles a car.


Until I finished sowing the wheels on I thought we were going to have to go out and buy a last minute toy. I agree that they’re not perfect but they are a lot better then I thought they were going to turn out like.

I hope that these were well received. I love little T’s mum but she has her weirdities and whilst she has said thank you for her sons gift she’s not one for telling you what her son made of the gift. And it’s one of my little weirdities that I don’t like to ask.

On a related note for Christmas we gave all the couples we know a jar of brownie mix. I buy 0.5 litre kiln jars (for those of you shopping in England the cheapest place I have found to get them is Dunelm) and filled them with the dry mix for brownies. Also included is a list of ingredients and instructions. Last year I did this with gingerbread mix and it went down quite well and my brownies have gotten good reviews too.

I say my brownies but it is the Mary Berry recipe re-packaged. And I think it makes for quite a good looking gift, even if I do say so myself.

So little T’s mum hasn’t let me know what little T thought of his cars but she sent me a pic today of little T enjoying the brownies that he and his mum made together today. With the picture was a note of thanks “Thank you auntie Rachel I had fun today baking for the first time in the new pad with mum. I might even leave some for daddy laterxx” So I can report that making ingredient jars works out very well, especially for families with young kids who are learning to bake.

Thank you for reading. Happy crocheting and/or gift making x


4 thoughts on “The Evolution of cars

  1. Cute cars! I think you should have made him a bag to put the cars in as well 😉

    How many borwnies does that amount make? Is it a standard recipe or has it been scaled down to fit in the jar? I have wanted to do the jars for a while but always dither and decide not to do them.


    1. Maybe I’ll make him a ‘carbag’ for Easter.

      The amount in the jars makes about 12 brownies. The mixture has been halved and so has the bake time. I did try and get the full recipe there was about 3 table spoons full of mix that wouldn’t fix, and that meant leaving the chocolate chips out.

      It took lots of dithering before I did my first set of jars last year. I spent so much time looking through pintrest to find recipes that would look good in the jar and would taste good made up. This year I just went for what I know tastes good, which is a good thing as few people shook their gifts as soon as they got them (I nearly jumped out of my seat and had to bite back shouting ‘no you’re spoiling it!’) My advice is to get a feel for what you want to do by copying what some one else has done and then try experimenting next time.

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