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Good people diserve recognision

This post is dedicated to D at work. She is a genially nice person.

It was my birthday yesterday and to mark the occasion I booked Monday and Yesterday off work. I didn’t have any plans I just don’t like to work my birthday. Glen went back to work yesterday in the end so we had a nice day together on Monday and yesterday I had the house to myself. It was so nice to be at home because I wanted to be not because I had to be and I was feeling good so I even managed to do  few things too. I have a dolls house that I’m doing up, well that I made a start on yesterday, so I spent some time sanding that down and tidying up from the sanding. My brother got me some Sylvainian family bunnies for my birthday to go in the house, I think having a family to move in will help keep me focused. But enough about me, this post is about D.

So I went into work today, the morning was pretty normal. D went to lunch and when she came back she gave me a box of chocolates. In our office we do the usual card signing and the birthday person brings in some cake, so getting a gift is out of the ordinary. She even apologised that the date wasn’t very long on them, they’re dated for the end of February (more than enough time for me to eat them). We got chatting and she even asked after how Glen was and how he was doing at work.

She is so nice that when they needed people to pick up extra hours at work she went from 16 hours a week to 40, over night! They asked and she’s not comfortable saying no. But she never complains. She doesn’t take her morning or afternoon brake and doesn’t normally take all of her lunch. As you can see she dose get taken advantage of. But I can report that on the work front she is getting made redundant on her 40 hour wage, which she has only been working for maybe the last year of the 11 years that she has been working for the company. This means that she is finally getting paid for all the extra work that she puts in and never gets any recognition for, never mind not paid.

Last year her grandfather past away and when I heard that I got her a sympathy card and her favourite chocolate (the simple Bounty bar). She was so genially grateful for this small token. She is in her 40s and has a son in his late very late teens and I ask after how he is, in general. As well as how her family are doing after their loss. Again she is so thankful that it feels good because it makes her happy but it also makes me a bit sad as I don’t think many people do take the time to actually talk to her. I know that she is very close to her family and that her husband wasn’t very nice but is long gone now. I don’t want to feel sorry for her because I don’t think that she feels sorry for herself. I think she may be genially happy with her life, I just wish people wouldn’t take the mic with how kind she is.

Not all of our team is in this week so I am going to bring birthday cake in on Monday. D told me today that she’s more a savoury than sweet person, she especially likes crisps. I have also noticed that she doesn’t like eating at work. So when I go to Tesco on my way to work on Monday I am going to get her some nice crisps that she can take home and enjoy.

So here is to all the Ds out there. The people that never complain. That always try to do their best. Who always try to see the nice in people. Who are always putting others first. Who make you feel better just by talking to them. The world needs more nice people like that and less people taking advantage.

Every one should have a D in their life. If you do then given them a pat on the back or tell them that they are doing well. Do a little something to brighten their day and show them that what they do is noticed.

Thank you for reading x



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