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You can call me Berty Bear For Short

That fine looking gent is Albert, or Berty Bear For Short. He was a Christmas from Glen. As you know I get very tired and this leads to going to bed crazy early. When I’m not feeling 100% it’s nice to have someone to cuddle but it’s fun fair to ask Glen to go to bed at 8pm. Glen got me Albert so that I will have something to cuddle until he comes to bed. Berty Bear For Short will not replace Glen but it has been nice having him around. The only problem that Glen has got is that there isn’t enough room in the bed for all three of us but to untangle me from Albert he ends up waking me up. But that is all by the by, what I really wanted to tell you about is what he’s sat on.

After crocheting so much stuff for other people for Christmas I decided that my next make would be one for me. So off I went to my store of crochet books and magazines, no pintrest this time. And I came across a crochet magazine that I went online to find especially. I saw a picture of the front cover on pintrest and really wanted a copy. After some searching I found out that it was a old magazine that I can’t get in the shops, so off to ebay I went and I got it. So after all that searching I have finally made the time to make something from the magazine. The magazine is Simply Crochet number 15 and I made the round cushion.

As you may remember I am trying to use up my old wool stock before I buy any more wool. So my cushion is a bit different to theirs in that respect and in the respect that I the top on my cushion is bigger then the bottom.

I think it turned out ok and it’s comfortable to sit on. I bought a lot of toy stuffing off of ebay so I decided to stuff my cushion rather than use a ready made cushion thing. With that in mind that meant that I had to sow a lining into the top so that the stuffing wouldn’t’ come through. I decided against putting a lining into the bottom half as the stitch is tight enough to stop the stuffing from coming through. So there it is my first crochet project of the year, a meditation cushion all for me. My next project is something for Glen, more on that coming soon.

Thank you for reading. Happy crocheting x


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