Fibromyalgia · Personal Log

A Breath of Fresh Air

Today I walked into work for the first time in a very long time.

Before I got ill I used to walk to and from work every day. It’s only about 2 miles and takes about 40 mins, door to door. I always find it quite a pleasant walk and have always enjoyed it. My inability to to continue to walk to work has been one of the most worrying and frustrating symptoms of my FM. It really was one day I was fine and happy walking and the next I was in quite a state before I had even got half way to work. Something that I’d been doing every day had suddenly been taken away from me. I’ve never been a small girl or an overly energetic girl but since then I have put on weight and have started to feel pretty bad about how I look.

Today after my walk in I am feeling better in general. My lungs feel cleaner and like I’m breathing properly (lately it feels like no matter how much I concentrate on breathing it just hasn’t felt like my lungs are opening up properly). I feel that I have a bit more energy today. I had a nice productive day at work. And I was a lot calmer.

And now for the frustrating part again. This evening I have to rest up just encase I over do it. The plan is to walk to a bus stop 1/2 a mile away and bus the rest of he way. Then Thursday (weather permitting) I plan to walk all the way. Hopefully this won’t be too much and make me ill. So far I’m still feeling ok.

When I started writing today this blog was going to take a more positive path. Physically I feel ok but mentally I’m starting to struggle. Just getting tired and finding it hard to concentrate. Hopefully a crazy early night should see me fine again.

I am sorry if this post doesn’t make sense or seems pretty pointless. I promise I was going some where with this but that train of thought has been de-railed. Hopefully I will finish my latest crochet project soon and hopefully that will be a more structured and concise post.

Thank you for reading x


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