Personal Log

Good Day

Just a quickie post. I was worried that my walk yesterday would leave me as a lump crying in the corner. But I was fine, a bit of tightness in my legs but I’m still feeling good and looking forward to my walk in tomorrow.

Today I walked to the bus half a mile away. That bus got me into town super early, so I had time to go to Tesco before work. I got to walk with plenty of time to have a cup of tea before I start work. I had quite a good day at work, productive and lots of chances to walk to the printer. When I was at work I finally took the lunge and applied for two jobs. When I got home I still had enough energy to dust and hoover, I even hovered the stairs. As you can see I managed to fit a quick post in. Next is making dinner and spending a quite night in with Glen. Hopefully I will also be able to fit some crochet in too.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are also having a good day x



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