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Every hero needs a shield

I did it! I finally finished Glens cushion. It’s been on my ‘to make’ list for about 9 months, maybe longer. It was something that in theory I knew I could make but was scared because I knew he would really like it but I didn’t want to muck it up and disappoint him. Making that mediation cushion for me showed me that I could make it and gave me the confidence to finally do it.

I chose to make him a Caption America shield cushion and went on a search to find a pattern. There are quite a few to make blankets and even the man himself but very few to make a cushion. The one pattern I did find I didn’t like the look of. So I decided that I could and would figure out how to make it.

The most logical place to start seemed to me to be the star. The stars that I have made before are a bit on the small side and I couldn’t see how I could go about making them any bigger, so off to Pintrest I went. I found an easy to follow pattern and one that I could size to my needs. My star consisted of 5 rounds. I couldn’t get my head around how to continue to make the cushion continuing on from the star. So I decided to make the star and sow it to the shield later. This being the plan I thought it best to block the star properly and after it dried out I put it in a book until it was needed again.


I decided to make the cushion in the same way that I had made the back to my meditation cushion. Chain 4 and single stitch together. Chain 3 (this counts as the first stitch). 11 treble into the ring and join with a single stitch. Round 2, chain 3 and two treble in each treble. Round 3, Chain 3 1 treble in the next stitch 2 treble in the next. Continue this until you come to your original 3 chain, 1 treble into the same space, single stitch together. Round 4, chain 3 1 treble in the next 2 stitches, 2 treble in the next stitch. Continue to your chain 3, 1 treble in the same space and join with a slip stich. Continue in this way until you have the required size/number or rounds. I started with 8 rounds of blue, this seemed to be the best match for the star.


Looking at the Captions shield the other colours are about half the size of the blue. So I did 4 rounds of red, followed by 4 rounds of white and finished with 4 sounds of red. Making 20 rounds in total. Using a 4mm needle this makes a good size for a cushion or a shield for a child. It is way to small for an adult to use as a shield but Glen loves it all the same.

For the back of the pillow I used grey wool. I have now been informed that it should have been a darker grey then what I used but I am sticking to my stash busting ways and I think it looks good. This wool is slightly thicker than the wool I used on the front so the back consists of 19 rounds.


It may be too small for Gen to use at a fancy dress party but I knew he would want to be able to hold it as a shield so I fashioned and attached some straps. The straps are a dark brown, I’m not sure how well this comes off in the photo. I foundation chain is 50 stiches long and it is three treble stiches wide. To keep it looking like the real thing I created some rivets to hold it together. Using the grey wool I chained 6 trebles into a magic ring, as you can see 4 of these are needed. When I attached the straps to the shield I put the rivets on at the same time, in much the same way that the leather straps would have been put on the metal shield. To try and make the back a bit flatter than the front I sowed a lining onto the grey, to help limit the elasticity of the grey wool.


I started assembly but sowing the star onto the front of the shield. Then the straps and rivets. Followed by the lining. Lastly placing the wrong sides of the pillow together using the grey wool I sowed the pillow together. Just as with my meditation cushion I didn’t have a ready made cushion filling to put in it so I used toy stuffing (the best place I have found for stuffing is ebay).

And there you have it. A shield for the soldier in your life, big or small.

Thank you for reading. Happy crocheting x


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