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Walk this way

Warning! There is no craft content in this post, this one is all about me and how I’m doing.

My last ‘me’ post was last Wednesday, not a lot has happened in that time  but enough to write about.

Last week I wrote about me walking to work and how that was going. Last Thursday I walked all the way into work and felt good for it. Friday morning I was feeling very tired so I thought I’d give my poor body a rest and got the bus all the way to work. Saturday I was still tired. It feels like all I did was sleep, go to Tesco and go back to sleep. Sunday I was still knackered and I have no idea what happened that day. I do remember that my skin felt like it was on fire. Monday was a rite off. I had such a rubbish night sleep and was so tired and just rubbish. Glen didn’t even wake me up properly, he just let me know that he was off to work and that he’d called my office to let them know that I wouldn’t be coming in. I didn’t wake up until 12 and that was just because Glen called to see how I was. I spent the rest of the day watching Mr Selfridge and colouring in, don’t worry it was in my colouring books not the walls. Tuesday I was feeling better but not good enough to go to work. I didn’t need quite as much sleep as Monday so I saw more of the day. Glen thought that part of the problem was how little I had done with myself since Thursday, so I got dressed and went out for a walk. It was such a nice crisp winters day, I was glad that he made me get out of the house. I even managed to get some ironing done.

Yesterday I finally made it into work and I walked all the way in. When I got there I just wasn’t in the working mood and spent most of the day looking for a new job. I applied for 2 more, so that’s 4 jobs applied for in total now. Mum came round after to work to talk about my wedding dress, it’s in October so it felt like the right time to start sorting that out. Mum is going to be making my wedding dress and is going to be the mother of the bride (well duh) so it is important that she is kept in the loop about what I’m going to wear. She bought round some prom dresses that she got the day before and I tried them on. We got some ideas and I’m feeling good about things. I can’t give too much detail as it’s still early days and there aren’t many details to give, and Glen reads my blog and he is very excited for the dress to be a surprise on the day.

Today I thought I’d walk to the bus stop 1/2 a mile down the road, keep my legs active but not over doing it. The buses were running late and I spent 10 minutes waiting in the freezing cold, my legs didn’t like that one bit and I was left wishing that I walked all the way. I have a lap blanket and some wheat bags at work so they were soon heated up again. The featured picture for this post is a picture that I took this morning on the way to the bus, once you look past the houses I think it’s pretty nice. I was in a better work mood today and I got a lot done, and I managed to find time to have another look at jobs (it now stands at 5 jobs applied for). My dad works down the road from my office, he has to drive past my house to get home, finishes work half an hour before I do and Monday to Thursday gives me a lift home from work. On the way home we were talking about my weight, it’s not something I’m happy with at the moment and it’s just not healthy. Anyway. He was a personal trainer a few years ago and still has some of the kit. He has one piece that he is going to drop off this weekend. It’s called a ‘Flexi bar’. It tone the muscles by causing vibrations to move through the body. He’s seen that it is very effective, it’s low impact so I shouldn’t hurt any joints and it’s something I can do in m front room.

So after having a few days of feeling rubbish, no new job lined up, wedding plans that need making and being fat. I am feeling a lot better, more positive about the way things are going and about what’s happening in my life right now.

For months now I have been reading a book that was recommended to me by my chiropractor. Her niece has been suffering with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), she is in her early teens and most days didn’t have the energy to make it out of bed (yes I know all teenagers do but trust me, this is different). Apparently she read this book and it has helped her to recover. She is now a normal active teenage girl. The book is ‘The healing Code’. I like to read and have nothing to loose so I thought I’d get a copy.

And here it is.

As you can see this book was written by people with letters after their names. One is a doctor of medicine and the other a doctor of psychology. They are also very Christian, I like to think of my self more as spiritual than religious. The book isn’t very religious so if you are like me just skip over the bits that you don’t feel apply to you in hat way. Most of the book is them explaining their theory, which is biased in physics. It is only in the last quarter of the book that they really go into how you can use their theory to help yourself. The book so far has been a bit repetitive but it makes sense.

I started doing the exercises since Sunday and whilst it is still early days I think they are making a difference. I don’t expect miracles and (despite what the cover may suggest) they don’t promise them. I have read quite a few self help books in my time.

(This is not my full library)


As these books go this one is quite good. But to be honest I would recommend any books on that shelf. No they haven’t cured me of my problems but they have helped me cope and feel better, if only for a short time.

Once again, thank you for reading x





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