Personal Log

It’s the finall count down!

Today marks the last month of my current employment. Only 31 days left to go and I may be joining the ranks of the unemployed. I worked it out early after today I have 13 working days left, it works out best that I use my holiday rather than get paid it.

I have found another job to apply for today and over the weekend I signed with another job agency. So far only one application has come back with any feedback, and that was that they don’t want me.

I am looking forward to leaving my work place, I haven’t liked working there for a long time, but I am worried. It’s strange to think that I wont be going to that building every day. I will miss the people that I’ve worked with, we’ve been through a lot together. There are one or two that I can’t wait to see the back off, can’t get on with everyone. I know that I would have mixed feelings even if I had a job lined up at the moment but I can’t help think that would help. Ah well, on with more applications.

Thank you for reading x


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