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I couldn’t help but smile

The other day on my walk to work I thought it would be nice to share what I see everyday with you. At first it was just general pictures of my walk in but it very soon I found that I was thinking ‘I have to show you……… because every time I see it I can’t help nut smile’. I enjoy my walks to work anyway but this one was especially enjoyable.

Sunglasses on and ipods in here we go.


My walk begins by walking under this cherry tree. At the moment it is coming to the end of its blossom but it is a lovely tree to walk under at any time of the year.

WP_20160226_002 WP_20160226_003

The sunrises (and sets) are amazing in this part of the country. The above is a long shot and then a close up of the same tree (just FYI).

WP_20160226_005 WP_20160226_007

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago but here is the first sign that spring is on it’s way. And I just love those blossoms.


This picture marks the first 1/2 mile down of my walk. It is also the main road in and out of the city and I walk all the way down it. Luckily at the time of day I walk to work it’s pretty quite, I’m not a big fan of traffic noise (come to think of it who is?).


This will always amaze me about where I live. I am stood on the way into a city, along a major road, in front of a petrol station and there are still trees. This little patch of woodland(?) goes on for quite a bit. It is a rural city but it always amazes me that no matter were you are you are never that far away from a tree or nature.

WP_20160226_011 WP_20160226_012 WP_20160226_014

This is one of the sites that you HAVE to see. I think it’s amazing and it always makes me smile. I don’t know how well you can read the sign (the computer I’m on at the moment needs to update to use the new WordPress site, so at the moment I am working in the old one and sorting the pictures out is rubbish) but it says ‘Toad Hall’ on it. The house that it is referring to is that white house behind the town houses. I didn’t want to wonder down the drive way so this is as good a picture as I could get, but how amazing is that! A majestic old building snuggly hidden away like that. And that it’s called Toad Hall is just the icing on the cake for me.


I am getting very close to the city now and there are still trees in site. I am still on the main road that I was a few pictures ago.

WP_20160226_017 WP_20160226_018 WP_20160226_019

Just past the lamp post on my side of the road in the road photo is were these photos were taken. Hidden behind ivy and metal fencing is the old mental hospital. As far as I understand it was used by the army for soldiers with shell shock and was then taken over by the NHS as a mental hospital. The site itself is pretty big and some of it is still used by the NHS for mental health. I think the buildings in the photos are just beautiful, you don’t get buildings like that anymore. They have been bought by someone and I can only assume that they will be knocked down and houses will be put in there place. Not that housing isn’t important but people don’t put as much effort into buildings as thy used to. Today houses are being knocked up in a 3 month time gap, the foundations are still settling when people move into them. Not only are these building beautiful but they were built to last. These buildings haven’t been used for decades, they are covered in ivy and I have even seen one with a tree growing through the roof but I still love them. I really hope who ever has bought them is going to use the buildings that are there and make some flats or a nursing home.

WP_20160226_020 WP_20160226_021

Only a few yards down the road is the local Quaker meeting house. They put a lot of work into this building and had to fight very hard to get it, I am very glad they did. The building looks wonderful and they have a ‘quite garden’ that is open to the public.

WP_20160226_023 WP_20160226_025

And here we are right at the edge of the city. In the background you can see the spire of the Cathedral, if I remember right it is one of the largest cathedral spires in Briton.

WP_20160226_026 WP_20160226_027

We have gone under the bridge and done some walking and now we are in the city centre. I love this bit of old city that has been left behind amongst new buildings. And that is all the photos I took, my work place is only a 5 min walk from that river.

It is easy to take were you live for granted and get fed up with it but doing this has really made me think about my walk to work and the place that I live and it’s not so bad after all.

Thank you for reading. Happy commuting x


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