Personal Log

Holiday Log – Day 1

To help me get over my back to work blues I am going to give you a day by day account of my holiday so that I can relive the memories.

For our holiday we hired a Caravan from Park Dean at their Looe Bay site. Looe is about 3 hours down the road from us and check in at the site wasn’t until 2. So we decided to go to Looe via Bodmin. Growing up I had a lot of family holidays in Cornwall and remember going to see Bodmin Jail. Glen has only ventured into Cornwall over the last few years, this was his 3rd visit. After the last 2 visits he was very keen to see more and I knew he would like seeing the jail.

For those of you who have never heard of Bodmin Jail in a nut shell it is an old prison that is said to be haunted. If I remember right it was built in the 1700s and I know that many people were executed as part of their punishment in the grounds. The prison has now been converted into a museum documenting what the prison was like when it was in use, it also gave accounts of some of the inmates and the crimes that they had committed. If you wish to find out more about the jail here is were you can find their official page, or you can Google it if you want.

As we went down on a normal Monday the roads were nice and quiet and when we got to the jail there was plenty of parking. When you walk in the doors there is a sing directing you to pay for your museum tickets at the bar. I love that, only in Cornwall could you go to visit a prison museum and pay for entry at a working bar!

They have displays in one of the old wings, spanning 6 floors. There is plenty to read and see. They even have a method of punishment for you to try out.

Once we got our way out of that we made our way to the other wing that they have open to the public. This wing is not as complete as the one above but is way more picturesque.

The door way looks a bit ominous but the actual wing itself is very picturesque. The last photo was taken between bars, so you can’t actually get up close and personal to that bit but there are what look like 3 cells and a wardens office that you can go into and have a look.

After we finished in the jail we had a look around Bodmin itself. There isn’t a lot too Bodmin. Glen had some good finds in one of it’s charity shops and we found the court house. The court house also seems to be a museum now, as well as the tourist information.

The jail cost £10 each to get into and we think it was worth it. Then it was onto the caravan site. We spent that evening settling into the caravan so I will tell you more about the site next time.

Thank you for reading x



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