Personal Log

Good things are happening

Ok, it’s time for anther life update.

Things in my neck of the woods are going really well at the moment. I had three interviews this week and I think they all went well. I know that one of them went fantastically as I was offered the position! The job is working as a receptionist at a local doctors surgery. Before I moved out with Glen and had to change doctors this was the practice that I went to, so I already know some of the people that I will be working with. It is a nice little practice and I am looking forward to starting with them (I accepted their offer by the way). One of the other jobs is working in a local care home as Assistant Activities Coordinator. I only had that interview yesterday so I don’t know how it went but if they offer it too me and it’s more money than the Drs then I will consider working for them instead (the Drs is only 15 hours so great for having more free time but not so good money wise). The last job was working as an admin person in a big pension company. I applied because work is work and I need to bring money but I don’t want to work for them. I haven’t heard good things from other people that I know that have worked there and I have jut finished working for a similar company set up and it didn’t make me happy. If they offer it o me then I will be please to know that they want me but I will stick with working at the doctors.

Since being made redundant I have felt and noticed a change in me, for the better. I’m not stressed working somewhere I don’t like. I can put more time into the house, me and Glen. And I can take time to find out what makes me happy. If I don’t like the first job I start then I can always keep looking, encouraged by the fact that employers do want me and I can handle starting a new job.

Over the last three weeks I have started a herb garden, I have always liked the idea of having one and now I have more time to put into cooking I love cooking with fresh herbs. In the garden we have a small raised bed that I have de-weeded and put some plant food in. So far I have mint (it grows wild in the garden and some made it’s way to the herb patch by itself), rosemary and thyme in there. I have bee buying the herb pots from Tesco and have had them in the kitchen windowsill, they will only last so long like that so I thought I’d see what happens when I put the in the ground. For all the gardeners reading this, don’t worry I did my best to make sure the plants were used to being outside before I planted them. The Rosemary has been in the ground for over a week now and seems to be doing well. The Thyme only went in today so I hope it will be ok. I have also planted some sweet pea in the garden, again only put in today. Both Glen and I love it and the lady that owned our house before us put some mesh up for climbing plants, so it was already to go.

During the last three weeks both Glen and I have seen more of our friends. Last weekend we had K&C over for dinner and the week before that we had M&D over for dinner. During the week L came over for coffee and bought little I with her (we used to work together and haven’t seen each other since the redundancy so it was nice to catch up). And next week we are having K&T over for dinner. When I was working we still had people over but it was difficult as I was often very tired from the week working and then having a busy weekend often meant that I would need to take time off work sick to recover. Now I am nice and rested for when people come over. I can take time during the week tidying and cleaning and have time to do any prep work for the meal in advance. When I was at work our friends also seemed to be harder to pin down than they are now, I think this is a sing from the universe that things are all going in the right direction.

With some of my redundancy money we bought a small blender, the kind that you an blend things straight into the bottle. Both of us need to lose weight, not for the wedding but for us and our health. Glen has really taken to using the blender and is having fruit and veg smoothies for breakfast and lunch. So far I have only been having them for breakfast. But we are both being mindful of what we are eating and what we are doing now. For as long as I have known Glen he has gone to the gym three times a week and cycles the 3miles to work and then home, so he is a pretty active guy. Even before getting sick I wasn’t very active and didn’t the best, when I got sick things just got worse, but things are different now. I have changed my eating habits for the better and I am more aware of how much I am doing. I have a Fitbit tracker that counts my steps and lets me know how active I have been and the hydrpool exercises have really helped my legs to build up so I can do more things. I’m not loosing weight like Glen is (he’s doing really well with that) but I am toning up a bit. Just last week I found my long lost ankles, I’ve not seen them for a while so it was a nice surprise.

So that’s where I am right now. Thank you for reading. I hope you are in a good place too (and if not that things are headed that way for you). x


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