Personal Log

Lemons are a gardeners best friend.

Well they are for this gardener at least.

To make my herb garden I had to de-weed the little plot, we have lots of blackberries in this area and their roots are a pain to dig up, and turn the earth over. I was so pleased with how it looked and I felt a good sense of accomplishment.

It turns out that I am not the only one please with what I did, and this time I don’t mean Glen. Don’t get me wrong he likes it and is happy to see me do something active that has made me happy. It’s the local cats that seem to be the most happy about it. They are so happy that they are helping me to fertilise the soil. As you can imagine this help is not that welcome.

I have read that cats don’t like the smell of lemon very much so I thought I’d try putting a ring of lemon pieces around the border. That was two days ago and so far there are no cat prints or presents in the herb garden!!! Woo hoo! Success!


Now we just need to figure out a way of keeping them from fertilising Glens lawns. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you for reading. Happy gardening x


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