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One thing at a time

Since having 3 interviews in one week I have bee feeling a bit off in myself.  To begging with I think it was just the come down from a stressful week, but then I think I let that feeling linger for a bit.  I lost a few days to just sitting on the internet, like I’d see something that would magically motivate me.  Lately I haven’t made anything, I haven’t even got my head into gear to do some colouring.

You may be glad to know that I have got myself out of that funk now.  I had a word with myself and got on doing things. I think I had just let everything get on top of me and couldn’t see how to get on top of it instead.  So first things first, I need space to do things.  Over the last week or so I hadn’t done any of my ironing and that means that I had a clean pile of washing on one of the sofas in the front room.  Off my butt I got and I got it all ironed and put away. It turns out that there wasn’t a lot of stuff that needed ironing and soon I was finished, with that all out of the way it felt like I could sit in the front room and breath properly.  It’s not until you start getting rid of cutter that you really notice how miserable it makes you feel to have it around.  Tidying the front room seemed to feel like a mammoth task but doing it one thing at a time made it more manageable to think about and it was done in no time.

So I got myself doing things but I still didn’t feel like making things, luckily it was my mums birthday last weekend and it is Glens birthday next weekend so I didn’t have much choice but to get on and make things. I started with making a card for my mum, I bought her some colouring books and pens for the gift.

In Februarys issue of Mollie Makes came with a Paper cut book and when I saw this template I knew that Mum would love it.

This is the third card I have made in this style and I am very happy with the outcome (my Mum also likes it).


I can’t tell you about anything that I have made for Glen as his birthday isn’t until Wednesday and he likes to read my blog, so both you and he will have to wait.

This weekend we had some friends round for dinner and I was keen to make something, as was Glen. For Christmas I got Glen a burger mould, I got him one that makes stuffed burgers as well as mini burgers.

He has used it before and made amazing burgers.  These we fantastic.  Our friends knew that he had made them but they had no idea that they had cheese in the middle until they bit into it. Yum.

To follow the burgers I thought a doughnut would be nice, a giant doughnut!

This is the firsts time that I have used this mould in this way, so far I have been using it as a bunt tin, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.  The mould was bought from Lakeland and the recipe can be found on their website.  Things didn’t go according to plan with this, as you can see for a start I needed to make more icing.  The instructions say it takes 20 to 25 mins to bake, this is not the case. Every time I have used this mould I have struggled with getting the middle of the ring to cook.  My advice when baking this would be to put it in the oven for 20 mins, check it and move the mould around and put it in for another 20 mins, and then play it by ear after that.  I also made the mistake of taking the lid off of the ring to see if it was cooked.  This lid is there to shape the cake so you can put a filling in.  After I took it off I couldn’t get it back on, luckily this just made the gape for the filling a bit uneven.  There as holes in the lid to let steam out, next time I will use one of those holes to put the cake tester in.  I am happy with the way my first attempt, although my friends seemed to think it was supposed to look like a burger, and I am going to make another one for Glen to take to work on Wednesday.

Thank you for reading.  Happy making and baking x





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