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Bird of Paradise wool

Now seems to be a good time to tell you about the gloves that I made myself, using the same wool that I used to make Glens bowtie.

At Christmas I was given two balls of this wool.


It was bought from The Merino Mermaid and is maybe the best quality wool that I have used so far.  An added bonus for me is that the designer is local to me, both Glen and I like to buy local were we can.

Earlier on this year I decided that I would use this wool to make something for myself, most of my makes seem to be for the house or for someone else.  I have had a pattern for a nice pair of fingerless gloves for a while now, not that I can find the magazine it was in now though.

I am very pleased with them and every one that has seen them loves them too.

I also used this wool to make Glens bowtie, you can read more about that in Birthday makes – Part 3

He wore this to work on Friday and everyone loved it.  By the end of the day he was a bit annoyed explaining to people that ‘no I didn’t make it, my finance did. It’s also not knitted it’s crotched.  It’s like knitting but with only one needle.’

After using a better quality of wool than I am used to I don’t want to go back.  But I still have a lot of old, cheap, wool to use up.  When I have used up my stash I think I will treat myself to a pattern from The Merino Mermaid, as well as some nice wool.

Thank you for reading.  Happy Crocheting x


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