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Bunnies bunnies it must be bunnies

I finally finished my last Easter make yesterday, yes I know Easter was months ago.  We haven’t seen our friends G and B since February, that was too see their new born baby C.  G has an older daughter G, she is Glens goddaughter and he has known her parents from before she was born. We have been quite busy since Easter and Band G don’t have G every weekend so it has been hard to get a date sorted.  We bought G an Easter egg back when they were being sold (well duh) but we thought it best not to give a baby a chocolate egg.  After trying to make some crochet eggs, I only had toy stuffing to fill them with and the shape didn’t hold, I decided to revisit an old crochet make and give her a bunny.

I found these instructions a few years ago and they were one of the first toys I ever made.  This pattern is based around a granny square design so it made it a bit easier to go from granny squares to this bunny.

I made the pink one last year for little S and the yellow one is the one I made yesterday.  Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the two that I made two years ago, they were for Glens little cousins A and S who were visiting from Australia.  This little guy is also the first time that I have used safety eyes instead of sewing eyes in, I think safety eyes are the way forward.

That is all for today.

Thank you for reading.  Happy crocheting x




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