Fibromyalgia · Personal Log

Oh so tired

Tuesday was a very long day, first day at work and an interview after.  Wednesday was only set to be a 4 hour working morning but it turned out to be even less.  I got to work for 9 and was sent home at 11.  I need to do some online training and their internet was playing up so they let me go early and said I could do the training at home, only problem was that to do the training I need an NHS email account and I don’t have that yet.  I had a handbook and some policies to read so I did that for a bit instead.

After I had finished reading and had some lunch I had to have a lay down, my eyes were hurting every time I looked at anything.  I had busses to worked that day and walked home.  It is quite a pleasant walk and didn’t take very long, only about 40 mins.  After all of that I was mentally and physically exhausted.  I dozed for quite while that afternoon.  When I got up it was time to get ready to go out again.

Wednesday evening we had arranged a meal with my family to catch up.  Although I was still tired I was looking forward to it, as well as someone else making the dinner and doing the washing up.  The table was booked for 6.30 and we didn’t leave until 10, a late night but  good time.  To keep in a routine I only had n hour lay in.  I think I may have over done it a bit.  Yesterday was quite a hot day here and I spent the morning giving the bathroom a proper clean and in the afternoon I had to go to the job centre, I walked there and got a lift home.  Last night I was in bed for 8.30 and read for a bit so I was asleep not long after 9,  don’t need to be in work until 1.30 today so I had another hour lay in and I am knackered.  I had a good nights sleep last night but it really doesn’t feel like it.  As I am tired and have been a bit stressed with starting work and interviews my skin has become really sensitive to the touch and some other aches and pains are making themselves known.

I am going to walk to work today and I am looking forward to that but I am worried about training when being so tired.  I’m sure it will be fine though.  I am hoping to have some energy to do some crochet this weekend but I think I may just get some colouring done.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your weekend x


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