Personal Log

Every day I’m colouring

I have now completed 5 days of training at work.  I am now a receptionist in a local doctors surgery, a fully fledged member of the NHS and it’s a lot to take in.  I have been let loose on the phones and have been finding my way around the system.  Everyone has been very kind and patient with me, and I have been told that they are happy with my progress.  Getting into a new routine and doing so much learning has left me mentally and physically knackered.  I am having to try very hard to not just sit and muck around on the internet, usually it ends with me buying things on eBay or feeling rubbish because I have spent too much time on the computer.

To keep myself feeling productive and creative I have been colouring.  I also find colouring helpful when I need to calm or slow things down.  Glen has bought me lots of colouring books filled with fantastic pictures.  Here is the one that I have chosen for now.



This picture can be found in.  It is a lovely book and I would highly recommend it.



I would also like to show you my pen tin.  I got it in Waitrose just after Christmas.  I fell in love with the tin, I don’t know why, and just had to have it (that it was filled with KitKats was a bonus).  At the time I had no idea what I would do with the tin but I soon decided that it would be the perfect place to keep my colouring pens.  I am on the look out now for another nice tin like this to put a lot of colouring pencils in.

I love the amount of detail that has been put into it.

That is all for now.  Glen is out watching football until late so I am going to have a very early dinner followed by curling up in the middle of the bed and reading Harry Potter.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy what ever you do x



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