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In the garden

Hello lovely reader.  I hope you are enjoying the weather where every you are.  In my little area of the world we have had lots of sunny days mixed with some rain, perfect growing weather.

During the last bank holiday in May I spent a lot of time out in my garden, while Glen painted the kitchen, just weeding, starting to tidy up the borders and planting some tomato seedlings into the greenhouse.  Since then I have been on the look out for more veg tables to grow.

On my way home from work I walk right past a garden centre and last Tuesday I decided to go in and have a look at what they had.  They are more expensive than the market stall that I got the tomatoes from but they had a lot more variety.  I walked out of there £12 lighter and with 3 pots of herb and 5 pots of vegetables.


I am really enjoying work and only work 8 till 1, so that leaves me plenty of time for some pottering around in the garden when I get home.  The last little part of my walk home is across a nice green, I like to take my shoes off and walk bare feet on the grass.  It feels amazing and I can’t wait to get in to the garden after that.

This is what my herb garden looked like a few weeks ago.


In there then is mint, basil, chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme and a few spring onions.  As mentioned in previous posts these are all herbs that I got from Tesco, and they all seem to be doing ok.

This is what it looks like now.

I have added coriander from Tesco and that went straight into the ground.  The two in pots are Lemon herb and lemon balm, as I bought these from a garden centre I felt like I had to put them in pots (next year the herb garden may be moved) and I’m not sure if they will spread like mint dose.  I also bought some sage, you can see it in a pot of it’s own just outside the garden wall.  I love sage.  I love the smell, cooking with it and I like the way it’s leaves feel.  I have given it it’s own pot as I want it to grow nice and big.  I love tending to my herb garden, it’s hard to feel anything but happy when the smells of them all surround you, due to a small weed problem I have to go out a couple of times a week to de-weed it.

I spent some time out in the garden this morning tending to the herbs and taking back some of the plants around them, then it was time to enter the greenhouse.  The tomatoes have been looking a bit lonely in there this past week.


It feels great to look in there now and see everything growing away.


I can’t wait until they start producing things!

The bank holiday seems like it was more than just a week away, in a good way.  I have got so much done in the garden that it feels like weeks have gone by not days.  I have to be careful and pace myself still so I go out with a kitchen timer and work for 30 mins and then come in and rest for 30 mins.

On the bank holiday Monday I finally re potted some trees that I have been meaning to re-pot for a while now, luckily they haven’t become pot bounded but I think they are happier to be in bigger pots.


The plant closet to the green house is Glens blueberry plan.  Next if Fredrick, he is an apple tree that I have grown from seed (more about him to come in another post) and is one of the trees that I re-potted.  Next is Roughen the Roughen tree, I got him for sponsoring the WWF tree campaign.  Next is a pumpkin that I bought and potted on, this was at the same time as the tomatoes.  And lastly is some strawberries, we bought them last year and have managed to keep them alive for this year.

When I went into the garden centre I also bought a pot of peas and even planted them up the same day.


The mesh was left by the previous owner of the house and it will be nice to see something growing on it.

My mum was a bit of a gardener when I was growing up and always had gardening clothes, old clothes that she didn’t mind getting grass stains on or covered in mud, following suite I also have some gardening clothes.


Ok, so maybe not the same way mum would have done it.  I got the dress ages ago in a charity shop and I loved it but it doesn’t fit quite right so I kept it for gardening.  A hat is a must when working in the sun and my full brimmed straw hat is just the ticket.  The little basket I have was another good charity shop find, at the moment I put my tools in it but I think I may use it for harvesting my garden when the time comes.  Glen came home from work and found me in the garden dressed like that.  All he had to say was ‘did I just walk into the 1950s?’.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoy what ever you are doing where ever you are x


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