Personal Log

Experimentation in slippers

Hello lovelies.

This week (while I’ve been taking my brakes from gardening) I have been working on some slippers for myself.  When it comes to slippers I like the knitted or crocheted kind and up until now I have bought them, but in Issue 59 of Mollie Makes I saw a pattern for some lovely slippers.

Having just worn through (very literally) my last pair of shop bought slippers I thought it was time to give this a try.  I started by following the pattern to the letter to see how it fit, it took another two attempts to get what I wanted and they don’t look like the ones in the magazine but I am very happy with the way they turned out.

The slipper on the right is the one made by following the instructions and while it looks good it was a bit too snug and a bit too low on the sides.

As you can see on the next one I made the sides a bit higher.  I didn’t start this soon enough and it was still too low around the toes.

On this last one I think I finally cracked it.

I’ve bought the sides up enough so that the slippers feel secure and comfortable.  The slippers are made using the treble stitch and are perfect for the summer.  As the sides are now so high I have decided to go for a single strap around the ankle instead of the tee over the toes that the pattern used.

I am very happy with how these have turned out and they are very quick to make, so no more shop bought slippers for me.

Thank you for reading.  Happy making x


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