Personal Log

Bananna, bananna……Blueberry!

Hello lovelies.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had a surplus of bananas and this has meant a lot of banana bread for Glen.  He has assured me that he will never get sick of it but I thought I would add some blueberries to a batch to change things up a bit.

I started off with my usual banana bread mix that can be found in my post Bunting and baking and added a punnet of blueberries.  The punnet only  had 125g of berries in it so I put them all in.

When Glen found out that I had added something new to his banana bread he was less than impressed, apparently it was perfect the way it was.  I am happy to say that after he tried the new style he was happy with it.  The only bit of negative feed back was that I may have put too many berries in and they over powered the taste of the banana.  So with this in mind blueberries are back on the shopping list.

The only other word of warning that I would give to anyone thinking of trying this is that the addition of the blueberries means that it will go mouldier quicker.

Thank you for reading.  Happy baking x


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