Personal Log

Message in a bottle

Welcome dear people of the internet!

Today I thought I’d share something that I found out about at work today.

This is the Lions Message in a bottle (as the picture says (FYI this picture isn’t mine it is one that I found on Google.))


This is a little bottle that you keep in your fridge and inside the little bottle you keep your medical details, such as medication.  You do this for any emergency service person that comes to your house and needs to know these things, such as ambulance crew.  Along with a form to put your details in it comes with some stickers for you to put on your door so that the emergency  services know that you have one to look for.  Why keep it in the fridge I hear you ask.  Well…..I don’t know the official answer, I assume it is because everyone has a fridge and most of the time they can be found in the kitchen (or near the kitchen in my house).

If you have a memory problem, a lot of medication to remember or live/spend a lot of time at  home alone, or if you know anyone that dose (I am getting one for my Nan) then this bottle could save your/there life.

These little bottle are FREE and if you can’t find them at places like your local doctors or pharmacy you can find out how to order them here were you can also read the official blurb about them.

That is all from me today.

Thank you for reading x



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