Personal Log

Happiness is homemade

I saw this saying on one of my trips through Pintrest, it really struck a cord with me and I have been looking for ways to display it in my house somewhere.  Since then I have had my thinking hat on and was coming up a bit short.  The on one of my trips through Dunelm I found the perfect thing.7c6faff3cf78d6230091938e78608954

(This pic isn’t one of mine,  got it from Goolge as I started work on it without taking a before photo.)

Once I had this I couldn’t wait to get started.  The sacking fabric was glued to the wooden backing so the first job was to separate them.


As you may be able to see I went down the embroidery route and I think it turned out quite well.


And I found the perfect place to put it too.


And that my internet friends is that for now.

Thank you for reading.  Now go and make some happiness x


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