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The Bake Off is back and so am I!

I have been an avid fan of the Bake Off from the start, well I stumbled across season one on repeat and binge watched it and haven’t missed an episode since.   For those of you who watched the first episode of this year (aired last week) you will know that the technical challenge was Mary Berry’s Jaffa cakes.  Jaffa cakes are one of Glens favorite things in the world, ever.  So for the first time in watching Bake Off I have made one of their challenges, something that I will try to keep up for the rest of this series.

I got the recipe from the Official Bake Off site.  The ingredients are pretty simple, and actually so is the method.  The recipe calls for you to whisk the eggs and sugar together and fold in the flour.  I have made Mandalins that use a similar method of making but I really don’t like it, I get so worried about knocking all of the air out or having a lumpy mix.  I ended up with a lumpy mix for the first time ever and had to make another batch, I did bake the first batch to see what they would turn out like and they were edible but really rubbery.  Having seen one of the bakers have trouble getting the cake base out of the pan I decided to grease and flour the tins on my first batch to make sure they wouldn’t stick, this is also what you do for Madalines, and they came out fine.  I also ment to do this with the second batch but I got a bit flustered and forgot so they were just greased but they came out fine but the first batch did come out a bit cleaner.

Putting things in the fridge on the Bake Off always seems supper easy and putting it in mine would have been if I had cleared a space for the jelly to go into before I decided to put it in there.  I would highly recommend having a quick fridge sort out while the kettle is boiling.  In the instructions is says to just put the jelly in the container to set and then turn out later, having had trouble with getting jelly out of moulds before so I lined my tray with cling film first and follow the instructions from there.  As you can see I didn’t have any round cutters small enough to cut the jelly so mine have got rectangular jelly (much to Glens disgust) it tastes just the same though.


And now for the chocolate!  I had more than enough jelly to make up both batches of cakes so  I used the first batch as my tester lot to see if the chocolate was still to hot, I found that around body temp was ok in the end.  And once it had set a bit I ran a skewer through the chocolate to try to get the normal Jaffa cake pattern.


They all taste ok and were fun to make but I think I might stick to buying ready made ones.


And now for the boring bit.

Things have been a bit stressful at work, to the point that I was thinking about leaving but I have spoken to the management team and it is all being sorted now.  Last month and this month they have mucked up my pay by a considerable amount, so if that doesn’t get sorted soon I may still leave.

The wedding is getting ever nearer (6 weeks this Saturday).  I need to finish crocheting the flowers and some bunting before then but otherwise I think everything is ready for the big day.

Glens back has gone again so he has been spending a lot of time cooped up at home.  He’s been struggling with it a bit, on top of being in pain he’s just feeling useless.  But he is on the mend and will be up and about in no time.  And he has also got some new Lego sets to help keep him busy.

Now that things are more settled at work I am feeling better in myself and with Glen being home at the moment we are spending much more time together.  I also got myself a Lego set the other day (the first one since I was a kid), so we have spent some time building Lego together.  He can get up and about and walk a bit now on bank holiday Monday we went to a local beach for the morning.  Otherwise we have just been pottering around the house and the garden together.  Tuesday is my natural day off so we had 4 days together, just relaxing, which was very nice.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you also had a good Bank holiday weekend x


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