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Here’s something you won’t know…

….I can’t fit 15 Maltesers in my mouth at one time.  Don’t worry there are no pictures but there was a witness.

Moving on.

I got some great news yesterday.  My 95 year old Nan is going to try and come to my (our) wedding!  She lives two hours away (on a good traffic day) and while she is doing well for her age that’s a bit of a way for her to travel.

Growing up I used to live a lot closer to my Grandparents than I do now and spent a lot of time with them.  My Granddad taught me how to paint, play cards and chess and was never too busy to play make believe games.   My Grandmother used to make dolls bedding and things with on the sowing machine with is (me and my sister), she used to bake with us and always had our favourite food in the house.  Both of them took us all on regular trips to London to see the museum’s, my fondest memories are of the Natural History Museum and the Tate.

My Grandfather passed away 4 years ago and she has been living alone ever since.  Given my Nans health and age I didn’t think that I would have either of them there, so I am thrilled that (health permitting) that she is going to try.  My Uncle lives around the corner from her and is going to taxi her to the wedding and home again on the day.


Thank you for reading x



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