Personal Log

It’s Bread Week!


But this week I have made no bread.  On Sunday our neighbours gave us some apples from their garden so I made a pie instead.

I started off with Mary Berrys apple pie recipe but her pie has no base only a lid and I like a good all round pie.


I made double the amount of pastry that the recipe suggested and it was just enough to go around.  In didn’t weigh the apples out either.  I got the base of the pie crust ready and just kept pealing and chopping apples until the space was full.  As I was making a completely encased pie I didn’t put the water in the Mary says to either.  And I had no cloves so I mixed some sugar and cinnamon together and sprinkled that through the apple layers.  I then baked the pie for 40 mins at gas mark 6 and then for a further 20 mins with a foil hat on it.  So I really only used Mary Berry as a rough guid pasty amount, oven temp and timing.  It may not look great (just one reason I wouldn’t make it in the Bake Off tent) but it tasted good, Glen isn’t a big fan of cooked fruit but he ate it and said it was the best I’ve ever made.


I have had my B12 jab!!!! I feel so much better for it, you can’t imagine the change I feel.


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