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And now to the Honeymoon

Hello lovelies,

As it’s still a but nippy outside I thought I would warm us all up with some photos from my honeymoon ; )

For our honeymoon Glen and I went to Rome for 6 days.  We stayed in a Best Western just outside the centre of the city .  It was quite a nice place to stay.  The local area had some corner shops that sold water at much better prices than the mini bar, as well as some very nice pizza and gellato places.  When we got to the hotel we wondered what we had let ourselves in for.  By the time we had go from the airport to the hotel it was dark out and all of the shops had their shutters down and they were covered in graffiti, and at the time the shutters looked like peoples garages not shop fronts.  We did manage to fine somewhere to get some dinner and a place to get water to take back to the room.  The next morning the sun was out and all the shops were open, it was a totally different place (and for the rest of the time we where there the shops were open later into the night).  The hotel itself was nicely situated from the centre of Rome, there is a metro line only a few minutes down the road and travelling only costs 3 Euros a person and it was only a short trip on that to the centre.  And it was far enough away from the centre to be nice and quiet.

6 days was just enough time for a first visit.  It wasn’t rushed and we got everything we wanted to done, we may go back in the future to see a few more sites but I don’t think we’d go back longer than that.

And now for the pics

Just a few pics of what Rome is like.  Trees, architecture and tiny roads everywhere.



The Colosseum is worth a visit and with the ticket to that you also get access to the Roman Forum.  Ruins of ancient Rome are huge, we spent more time looking round these than we did the Colosseum.

Views of ancient Rome can also be seen from random places around the city.

The Trivi Fountain is also worth a look.  At night as well as during the day.

We didn’t think much of the Spanish steps but we can say that we have been to them.


And here are just a few parting pics of us enjoying the city.

I hope that you enjoyed having a look at Rome and may even be inspired to go there yourselves.

Thank you for reading.  I wish you good times ahead too x


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