Personal Log

Sometimes you have to fall down to see that you are ok

And in my case that means 3 times in a muddy field.

It has been raining since about 9am this morning here, constantly.  When it came to leaving work for the day I thought taking the bus home would be the driest option.  I then decided that getting the stop closest to my house is the way to go, this stop means walking through a playing field that is on a slight slope.  I was wrong.  I slipped over 3 times!  And I’d only made it about 1/3 to half way across the field.

During the rest of my walk I felt ok, I was even smiling to myself a bit.  A year ago what happened would have really upset me and I would have taken it to heart.  It sounds silly now but I was very depressed and when you’re in that frame of mind you don’t think clearly, you really think that everyone (and thing) is out to get you and that any ‘bad’ thing that happens to you has been aimed at you.  And I’ve never been a fan of getting muddy.  But being muddy didn’t bother me, I was on my way home where I can shower and wash my clothes.  No one saw so no initial embarrassment.  The mud was so wet it made for a very soft landing each time.  And I knew that it would be something that I would laugh about later.   But why I was ok wasn’t even a though until I realised that I was ok.  I just got up and kept going, I didn’t brush myself down as there was little point I doing do if I fell again.

I am in the middle of writing a post about a crochet make but I wanted to share this with you quickly now.  My muddy realisation of personal growth.

Thank you for reading.  I hope that where ever you are that you are ok or at least on the path to ok x


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